Thursday, 18 August 2016


We were looking at Lomandra estate in Romsey and were umming and arrrring over which lot to purchase.  We decided to wait until Stage 4 and buy one of the 1500m2 blocks.  The lots were being released at midday, April 16 but we received an email bringing the time forward to 10am because of the high demand for the bigger blocks.   There was one particular lot that I had my heart set on and I knew we needed to be there early in order to nab it.  Given we live a couple of hours away we did the unthinkable.  We arrived the night before and slept in the car!!  Hah, and we thought we were too old for that.  It was exciting.  We dropped the kids off with my sister and away we went armed with the laptop, a few dvd’s and a book.

We were the first to arrive but not the only ones sleeping out.  I am so glad we did it because we got the lot we were after.  But I won’t do that again, I prefer a bed to a car.

And here it is…

Looking towards the back garden

                                     Looking towards the front, the road is behind those trees

We have been out a few times now to look at our grass and head across to Macedon.  What better way to finish the day than a visit to the Holgate’s Brewerey!

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