Thursday, 18 August 2016


We started looking at houses while we were waiting for the Stage 4 land release. We fell in love with the Metricon Santorini but kept looking around at other builders. We then fell more in love with the Henley Monteray Belle! The sales agent did not have time to talk to us which I thought was a bit rude as we were genuine buyers. She didn’t even request our number to follow up. I emailed Henley asking for a quote and I received an email to let me know I had been assigned a sales agent and they would get back to me within a couple of days. After a follow up email and another few weeks wait I spoke to another sales agent only to be told Henley do not build in Romsey.  

And then we walked through the Hillside at Romsey. We didn’t dare consider it because it was out of our budget. Although I love the design of the Monteray Belle we started to think a ranch style house would suit the block better as it would give us the feeling of a bigger back garden. The more we walked through the Hillside the more I fell in love with it. We worked with Tracy and did our numbers over and over again. The Hillside was for us and we would make the numbers work. 

The display home is a Hillside 35 which wouldn't quite fit on our land.  Although we have a 30m frontage we are required to have 3m either side of the house.  The Hillside35 was 77cm too wide.  Porter Davis were great and modified the plans to allow those with the blocks at Lomandra to fit the Hillside.  They introduced the Hillside34.

Here it is

We have added the option for the 2nd alfresco to the side and the soaker tub to the ensuite.  We have also moved the doors to the main bedroom to create a hallway in the bedroom.  

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  1. I wish I had the lot to get this house, We're building the montague with porter davis. Looks like you made a great choice!