Thursday, 27 October 2016

World Of Style

World Of Style - colors 

 I'm a bit late updating my blog but I'll do my best to catch up on all thats been happening.

 My sister and I had tickets to Neale Whittacker at World of Style so I decided to arrive earlier and check out the displays. I figured if I could make a few decisions on what I wanted and plant the seed with hubby he would think they were his decisions!

 We had arranged to have a tour of World Of Style before our appointment. We had the lovely XXXXX take us around. We had a clear idea of what we wanted and amazingly hubby and I were on the same page. My biggest disappointment was with the stone choices. I think it is poor form on Porter Davis to only have 3 cat 1 stones to choose from. They have a large range of stone and you are sure to find something you like if you want to spend the money. Lucky for us we wanted something similar to what we have now and it was one of the 3 from Cat 1.

 The day before our appointment and we were ready. Or so I thought. We had a call from our WOS consultant asking if we had any questions and I asked what time we were likely to finish and was advised 5pm. Oh crap… Although I knew it was an all day thing I hadn’t processed what that meant. I had arranged for someone to take the kids to school but not for someone to pick them up and look after them until I got home! A quick ring around and we had that sorted.

 Appointment day arrived and we were a little early so we sat and enjoyed a coffee. Because we had been before we knew parking could be an issue. Make sure you take coins for the parking meters and find a spot for all day parking. We started off with Colors. The first thing we noticed was the plans they were using were incorrect. We were building a Hillside 34 and the plans were the 35 version. Our consultant made a note for tender.


Colorbond roof: monument
Windows: monument
Brick: Homestead Buff
Front door: monument
Render for portico: dune
Gables: dune

Carpet: Cedar plank
Laminate: Rustic Dusty Rock

Driveway: aggregate (bottom sample in below photo)

What do you think of our selections so far? What colours did you choose?

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