Thursday, 27 October 2016

World Of Style - Kitchen

Next up was kitchen.

 We knew what colors we wanted so choosing was easy. Reading Homeone I knew to make sure the splashback would be one piece. Our consultant made a note to ask during our Kitchen Culture appointment

 Kitchen Stone:: blanco matrix
cabinets: polar white gloss
Splashback: western mall

Laundry Cabinets: Lustrous Elm
Benchtop: Lustrous Elm
We decided to keep laminate bench tops in the laundry and matched them to the cabinets. We saw this at WOS and it looked good for the laundry.

Bathroom Stone: blanco matrix
Cabinets: ? wood

Kitchen Culture

Next we sat down to go through our kitchen design. Not surprisingly her plans were different again. Thankfully we had our Hillside 34 plans with us and our consultant had to change the measurements on her plans to ensure she advised us correctly. Boy are we going to have to go through our plans at tender with a fine tooth comb!

 I am so glad I read about the splashback on Homeone as our splash back would not have been one piece as our kitchen was too wide (if the plans were correct, of course). I made it clear that the splashback would have to be one piece or I would change to tiles. We agreed to make our kitchen smaller by 10cm to ensure a single splashback piece could be used. I asked for it to be specified on the plan as a note that 1 piece was to be used.

 Our plans include a butlers pantry and a pantry. Don’t be fooled that the butlers pantry is any differnet to the pantry. Porter Davis only include shelving in the butlers pantry, the same as in a pantry. We included cabinetry to the butlers pantry as well as a sink.

Additional Upgrades:
4 pot drawers, 2 on either side of the oven
free standing 900mm oven – included in promotion.
4 under cupboard lights
80mm stone edge to island benchtop (40mm included in promotion)
40mm stone edge on remaining bench tops
support post to the benchtopm(same as display home)
double cabinet to one end of island bench (same as show home)
cabinetry above fridge opening
silk finish on all cabinetry
microwave space to Galley cabinetry
bank of 2 drawers to bathroom
additional under bench cabinetry to laundry
overhead cabinetry to laundry

 Although we knew what we wanted it was still time consuming. It was time for a break. We had 10 mintues before meeting with our tile consultant. Our first consultant did advise us that they have changed the appointment for the Hillside to be over 2 days because it is such a big house. On one hand I am glad we only had to take 1 day off work but on the other hand I don not want to be rushed into making decisions. We scoffed down a sandwich from the café on site and headed to tiles. I wonder if she will have the correct plans?

Did you feel rushed making your decisions?

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