Friday, 28 October 2016

House sale

We thought long and hard about when to sell our house. Do we sell in time for moving in to our new build or do we sell it now and know how much money there is to spend?

 Option 1 would mean dealing with the bank to arrange finance while still having a mortgage for our current home but option 2 would mean a rental property for 12 months. We decided to sell our house so I know how many upgrades I can have ;-) I

t went on the market at the beginning of August and it sold within 3 weeks! Although we are really happy it sold I didn't think it would sell so quickly. We were heading for a holiday on September 16th and wouldn't be back until 9th October. Settlement was 21st October. Argh that wouldn't leave me much time to come home and pack. Oh yeah and find a place to rent!!

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